Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Prep work

It has been amusing watching Christine prepare for her upcoming “trip”.  Government regulations that are meant to protect everyone involved seem to get on the silly side.  She has gone to the Doctor 4 or 5 times just to have yet another form signed.  The paperwork involved in the passport process was eye-opening.  Some of her online training was interesting and it reminded me of being in the military.  The nice thing about being active duty was the fact that you were always deployment ready.  She has had to cram it all in these past few weeks.

It is still funny watching the reactions of people when they react to Chris deploying.  “Don’t you know there is a war over there?” is something I have heard a time or two.  I believe there is risk in all that we do.  We both work in downtown Detroit.  Statistically more dangerous than where she is headed to.  The folks she will be deploying with are professionals and the danger has been mitigated.  There are armed escorts, firearms training and off limit areas.  She will be fine.

We have been looking at places to meet at here halfway point when she is able to take a break.  The South pacific is looking like a mighty nice place to R&R at.  Sandy beaches and no agenda sound good no matter where we go.  Back to planning…

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