Thursday, December 16, 2010

It's only day 5!

So far so good.  The morning baby sitter is doing great and this is working out well.  I ran into a bit of an after work glitch when I needed to stay at work later than normal.  I would have stayed longer but I know the kids "go pumpkin" if I leave them alone too long.  Being independent kids they won’t panic or be scared home alone but they will kill each other.

So we tried using Skype to video chat a couple of times this week.  Very neat, but the hotel internet just wasn’t up to the task and the video was glitchy.  It will be interesting to see how well it works from halfway around the planet.  She told me about her training and it sounds like very cool training.  Military training was dull and uninspired when I was going through it.  It sounds like the Army figured out how to keep your attention and teach you at the same time. 

Bills and paydays still leave me in a bit of a panic.  It has been a long time since I paid bills.  I am sure it will be fine and it will all work out.

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