Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Brownie Meeting

Sorry I haven’t been more on top of this.  Life seems to just keep moving on despite my best efforts to slow it down a bit.

So I got to help Samantha with her Brownie meeting.  She was chosen to do the Dance “try its”.  I think extra folks showed up to see me try and teach dance.  Chris found a game for Sam to use that is designed for girls to invent their own dance.  This works great with 4 or 5 girls at a sleep over.  14 Brownies at an elementary school gym were not going to make it.  I had adjusted the rules a little and Sam and I tried it out at home.  We thought we were all set.  Nope.  The game still took too long so I adjusted on the fly and just handed out some stuff and then they got to dance and act silly.  I think they had fun.  Samantha said it was fun and she enjoyed her meeting.  That is all I could possibly ask for.  What a difference Cub Scouts and Brownies are!  These girls sat quietly and wrote letters to pen pals.  If I tried to get my scouts to do that you would have a bunch of letters with tanks blowing up army guys, blood, planes bombing the enemy and very few words.  Neat meeting to see...once.

I found out that my snow blower works.  First time I fired it up this year.  I forgot to test it in the fall when I put away the lawn mower.  I really hope they have school tomorrow.  I have a lot of work to do.  Getting the kids out the door these past couple of days taught me to appreciate just how worth it the money we spend on the morning sitter is!  If we have a snow day I will end up further behind.  

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