Friday, January 21, 2011

Bullet - Dodged!

Ok, so it’s not as severe as Chris dodging incoming rocket attacks, but annoying none the less.  Samantha’s school was closed for a water main break today.  I got a text on Chris’s phone (I need that magic text site) this morning that informed me of the pending disaster to my day.  As soon as I realized I would have to take another school forced day of leave, the phone rings.  I thought it was the school system calling to inform me of the closure.  It was our other babysitter’s mom!  She told me she could watch Sam since school was closed.   Oh happy day!  Sam had a great time with her and helped out around the house a bit.  She brushed the dog and helped make a cake.  When I picked Sam up they both seemed happy and had fun today.  Jason was mad.  Life is so unfair when you’re a fifth grader.  Sam got to stay home how come he couldn’t?  Life is just that way I told him. 

The water main break is not surprising.  It was 10 degrees and hit a high today of 15.  I am hoping this cold spell only lasts a few days.

Whew, that was a close one!

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