Thursday, February 3, 2011

Busy Day

So when did stores stop selling snow boots for girls?  I can find the crappy fashion boots all over but boots that do the job of boots, No Way!  So I finally found a cross between fashion and practical that my daughter would wear.  I also picked up hand warmers since I believe itmay be cold this weekend. 

I left work a few minutes early so I could get my haircut and swing by the bank before the kids got home.  I made it by 5 minutes.  I needed change at the bank for the quarter wash.  This weather has played hell on the poor van.  I stopped there last on the way home.  As I was finishing up I noticed the rinse water was starting to freeze on the van.  Sam told me I should have waited until I got home from camp.  I had to remind her that “You gotta start at zero somewhere.”  I’m sure it will be dirty when I get home but that’s what the quarters are for.

I am still packing.  Had all day yesterday but as per my usual I am packing now. (It is 9 pm)  I am also waiting for stuff in the wash to finish up.  On top of everything else I have an appointment at Jason’s school tomorrow morning so I need to remember to remember the appointment.  I can see me heading to work on autopilot .  

I am sure all will be fine.  It just takes me doing the internal panic first, before the external calm is realized.

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