Monday, February 21, 2011


The meterologists did it again.  1 – 3” they said.  What schools do these people go to?  They should all be ashamed to cash their checks.  The willing and equally stupid media for over or under hyping these storms is aslo getting old.  I’ve got just under a foot of snow on my deck and around 8 - 10“ on the driveway.  I was expecting much less after I watched the weather on the news.  Silly me.  In a moment of weakness I believed them.  Usualy I go to the Weather channel online and look at the radar to see the size and movement of the storm.  The dog loves it.  The kids are hoping for more.  I am hoping the city gets out and plows the main roads.  I have things to do today.  Sorry if this sounds angry but I was reading the news and people annoy me. 

The dog didn’t mind the snow.  She has the ability to not sink all the way and loved digging her face in the snow.  She ran all over and jumped and played for awhile in the snow.

Have fun.  I am off to snow blow!

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