Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Waiting on Weather

It was a sneak attack.  We got hit with close to a half inch of snow last night while we slept.  The horrors, the horrors!  The talking heads on TV predicted 3 to 4 inches followed by tomorrows 12 to 14 inches, making for a “hellish day of work and school closings!”  I am not sure how much school, if any, it takes to be a TV anchor but they all deserve their money back.  Hellish is supposed to be hot, not freezing.  Not to mention we live in Michigan, the “Winter Wonderland”.  I know it is the winter wonderland since it used to be on all the license plates.  Evidently after they took it off the license plates the weather was supposed to become more Florida like.  Well Al Gore be dammed but it is still a northern state and we get snow!  Yes, 12” of snow is a lot.  Or a little if you live in the Upper Peninsula, Alaska, Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, New Hampshire, Colorado, Maine etc.  The kids are dancing around like elves on crack singing “No School for us!” which means I get to stay home and listen to them tell me their bored.  Most likely I will tell them to go outside.  They will tell me what a bad idea that is and Sam will give me reasons it is a bad idea for 30 minutes.  We are preparing for the worst here at work and folks in Oakland County waited for an hour in line to put gas in their cars last night.  “Some drivers in Oakland County had to wait hours just to get gasoline on Monday evening.”  That is a direct quote from WXYZ’s website.  There are folks at Wal-Mart right now emptying out the shelves.  I am guessing it will be inconvenient for about a day, maybe two, but it will be alright.

OK, I am done ranting.  Everything else is going well.  I believe we found Jason a Boy Scout troop he will do well in.  They have structure and yet seemed to have fun within it.  That way Jason knows what to do without thinking they are barking orders at him.  Sam is still having fun with Girl Scouts and will start gymnastics tonight.  That should prove interesting. 

Wish me luck.  I am off to brave the “Storm of the Century!”

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