Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Just a little whining

I hate packing.  On my list there is doing dishes, then packing.  I always stress about the types of clothes to take.  Will we be too hot, too cold, under dressed or over dressed (ok, probably no chance for that one)?  Do I have enough stuff?  Do I have too much stuff?  Are these the right shoes?  I know I sound like a teenage girl on prom night but I will incur the wrath of the family if this plays out badly.  On the more negative side there is no passenger laundry on the cruise.  When we took our honeymoon cruise we did laundry one night.  That was great as it allowed us to wash the horse smell off our clothes before heading out to do some other equally crazy stuff.  With the laundry thing in mind I was prepared to pack light.  Chris sent me the laundry price list.  It looks like the one in a hotel room.  5 bucks for a pair of pants, 3 bucks for a pair of underwear, all of the prices unreasonably high.  I guess when you have a captive audience you can charge what you want.

I am in the middle of checking in on-line when I got to the baggage part.  I need what is in the dryer to finish packing.  I am bringing a lot of Chris’s clothes as she was limited to what she could bring to Afghanistan.  I have three bags mostly packed but I am unsure if we need a fourth.  The cheap bastard in me says just do three but the realist in me says a fourth bag would eliminate some issues.
Ha! I got it all in three bags and they are all under 50 pounds.  I am very proud of myself.  

Now, off to bed.

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