Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I have started to lay out some of the crap I need to pack on our little trip.  We have new suitcases as the collection we have was inadequate for the task.  I have enlisted the help of the ping-pong table to spread out on and this seems to satisfy the kids need to pack now.  I keep telling them they need to wear their clothes and I will do laundry and pack closer to the day we are leaving.  This is just not acceptable to a 10 and 8 (almost) year old.  I am going through the stuff Chris told me to bring, camera, battery charger, walkie-talkies, etc.  This is not my first trip.  We will be fine, I say, they have stores in Italy I say, all to no avail.  So I just nod and say “got it.”  This works wonders.

Since Sarah is with her boyfriend this week the other family that comes over in the morning is taking the kids at night while I drop them off in the morning.  This has to be the worst part of the deal.  They argue, claim to have everything, forget something, delay, go slow, and in general annoy the hell out of me before the coffee kicks in.  I like Sarah better than me in the morning too!  She comes in, I say hi and leave.  Very few words, it is still dark and my coffee has a minute to work.  No rushing it.  Not to be too mean but Sarah’s boyfriend needs to go home or come over in the morning as well.  I am sure he is a great guy.  He could help wrangle the young ‘uns.  

I’ll make more coffee.

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