Saturday, April 9, 2011

End of a long week.

Thursday I was able to go grocery shopping and refill the house with food.  I feel crappy and don’t want to cook any of it.  Yea me.  I was more tired than I thought I would be after the flight.  I think all of us are a bit in need of rest.  The kids will be in school Friday which will be good for them.  They can tell stories, catch up and get back to work on Monday.

Happily Sarah was here on Friday morning.  I got to go to work and have 8 hours kid free.  I love those two but I needed a break.  10 days on a boat and I was ready for some kid free time.  Of course I walked into a flurry of “Hey did you have fun? Great, this is broke!”  Oh well, it’s good to be needed.  I got through about half of my e-mails and decided that if it was important they would e-mail or call me again.  Several hundred e-mails are too much to sift through.  I ended up sorting them by name and dealing with just the important folks and then anything that looked urgent. 

Looks like it will be Sam and me for the weekend.  Roger called and wants Jason to come over and hang with Carter.  I figure it is good for the cousins to get to play once in awhile.  Jason’s 10 year old attitude could use folks his age for a couple of days.  He was pretty good on the cruise hanging out with us old folks.

I must be getting old when I am excited to go to bed.

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