Sunday, May 22, 2011

Baseball, veggies and cars

I need to start growing gills. It has rained quite a bit in the last few weeks. Jason’s baseball game last Thursday was a muddy mess. It took me three washings with stain stuff to get the crap out of his pants. The coaches were brooming off home plate, the pitches mound and 2nd base. The benches were unusable. The teams sat at picnic tables. They still played well although they ended up losing. They are now 1 and 1 for the year. We have a game today and I am hoping the weather hold until after the game.

Samantha and I planted our garden yesterday. We have two types of tomatoes, strawberries and cucumbers. I picked up a mini-irrigation system to see if that will help out with our crops when summer rolls in. Neat little setup. ¼” tube with mini sprinklers attached. So far it hasn’t been needed.

Got the car dropped off at the shop to have the struts replaced. I am sure there is an advantage to struts over shocks. I am not a mechanic so I am not going to try and guess what that may be but it seems shocks are easier to change. I am not even going to try since I would need tools I don’t have, and patience I can no longer muster. I have changed shocks in the past and although it wasn’t easy it was doable in an afternoon. Struts require spring compressors, mounting bushings and who knows what else.

Holy crap, I must be getting old when I start waxing nostalgic about how it used to be!

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