Thursday, May 5, 2011

Life on Thursday

Ok, here goes. This is the first chance I have had to sit and type. I somehow booked every day solid. Jason has to stop growing. One of the pair of pants I bought him for the trip no longer fit. I need to relax and just go get him some shorts as it should warm up. I believe summer is right around the corner. The sun and warmer temps have been eluding me. Jason is really into baseball this year and is doing well. He wants to learn how to be the catcher and the coach is working with him.

I went to the Parents Cheer meeting and picked up our fundraising raffle tickets. Basically I now own $100 dollars worth of raffle tickets. First prize is $1000 so it might not be so bad. I scheduled a sleep away camp for Samantha right in the beginning of Cheer season. Dad’s, what are you going to do with us. Luckily the coach understood and Sam will pick up the stuff as she moves on. This year is the first year of real, serious type cheerleading for Sam. She is on the freshman squad and will practice 4 days a week. I can’t wait. I love to sit back for a couple of hours and do nothing except hang with the crew on the sidelines. Abby still prefers me but is a little less fanatical about it. It is funny to see a dog get so jealous. I have had to wake Samantha up this week and Abby will jump on her bed and get between us so I will pet her and not Sam. She doesn’t get mad or nippy just weasels in between. Very cute.

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