Sunday, June 19, 2011


We dove in ripping out the bathroom.

Jason and Sam helped out as well. Chris found a way to dispose of construction waste that was quick and easy. We bought a Bagster at Home Depot. You can fill it up to 3 cubic yards of stuff, or one 45 square foot bathroom.

We put the cabinets, toilet and sink on the curb. The trash grabber guys come buy pick stuff up and re-use, or sell for scrap, a lot of it. One weekend later the walls are gone and there is a giant hole in the floor.

During demolition we found that insulation was blown in the walls, but not all of them. We found old fixes and some old fixes that weren’t fixes. With everything exposed at least we can tear it apart and do it right. Other than a couple of rotten spots on the floor the wood underneath is in great shape. I cut out the rotten subfloor and I will replace it later. I need the access to remove the plumbing and replace all of it. Much of it is leaking or the joints have become loose.

More to come!

Even Abby wanted to help.

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