Sunday, June 26, 2011

New Stuff

Christine found much of the replacement parts online. We were able to get great deals buying stuff this way rather than going to one of the big box stores. We could have driven to several different hardware stores and tried to find what we need but the internet saves gas.

Buying wall and floor tile was much harder than I would have thought. I see in guy, where Chris see’s in girl. This becomes an issue after 30 minutes in a tile store. After 30 minutes it all looks fine to me as long as we can leave. Lucky for me Christine pushed through and we ended up picking up a couple of samples that I think will look great in the end.

Since I will have the bathroom ceiling down we decided to add a whole house fan in the hall. This will help keep my AC use down. I would love to be able to extend my non-AC season.

If only I could extend the non-furnace season.

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