Sunday, July 31, 2011

Vacation - Day 4

Saturday was supposed to be a day we took it easy and hung out.  Chris doesn’t understand “taking it easy”.
We went for a hike on a trail that the campground folks told us was really cool.  It was a trail that led to Hawk Falls.  We took the dogs thinking they would like the outdoors and could use a long walk.  We were hoping they were still a bit tired from their time at the dog sitters.  If they were it sure didn’t show.  They loved the trails and people.  Abby loved the people a bit too much.  She is a bit forceful in her like of people.  When I got them close to the water it was tough to get them out.  They loved trying to bite the white water as it rushed over the rocks.  Just letting the dogs splash around seemed to be enough to keep them happy.

When we came to the end of the trail there was a large waterfall that dumped into a deep pool which flowed to a second waterfall that also dumped into a deep pool.  This was very attractive for the amateur daredevil (guys).  Jason saw this and handed over his shirt and shoes.  He started at the small waterfall jumping in and freezing.  The cold water did not slow him down a bit.  We then noticed some teenagers, young 20’s, jumping off the large waterfall.  Jay was all over it.  He asked some kid how to get up there and before we knew it he was following them up the side of the hill out to the rock face.  He waited and listened to others give advice, watched a couple of people jump and then went for it.  On his first try he was a bit over cautious and slipped.  He compensated and made the jump with no ill effects.  No ill effects to him.  His Mom and I almost fell over.  You can hear us on the video gasp.  He got the hang of it and jumped about 500 more times.  Sam and I got bored.  I had both dogs and they wanted to play with the people.  Unfortunately they play rough sometimes and they were very excited that they were in the water.  Those two things were making it very tough to keep the dogs in check.  On the way out of the park we found the upper path that led to the top of the falls.  The older folks were jumping from up there.  Jason said he was going to jump from there next time.

The next morning we broke down our tents and headed home.  The drive home always feels longer than the drive there.
They were loving the river.

Aren't they cute!

A view of the falls.

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