Saturday, September 24, 2011

Family Day

Today was Family Day for the Livonia Orioles.  Since Samantha is a cheerleader she has a part in the halftime routine.  There are three games, Freshmen, Junior Varsity and Varsity.  The flag kids didn’t have a game so they had a Mothers vs. Boys game.  The boys won – of course.  It was fun to watch. 

I went to the game early as I volunteered to hang posters.  All the kids had an opportunity to make a poster.  This year’s theme was patriotism.  Sam made a poster with Chris before she deployed.  I know I am biased but the poster was very cool.  Evidently the judges thought so as well.  She won a gift card to Dairy Queen for her awesome poster.  Sam wanted to help me put the posters up in the morning.  Jason stayed home since he had practice from 11 to noon.  We hung 120 or so posters.  It took us an hour and they were wrapped all around the inside area.  A few folks commented on the fact that there was so much participation this year. 

Sam and her Award winning Poster

Sam needed to be at the field by 10 am.  All the Freshman parents had to line up on the 50 yard line.  Then Sam lined up with the players at the end of the field and they announced the players and their parents.  They were supposed to come out one at a time but we ended up getting a mad crush of cheerleaders since they had trouble hearing the announcer.  I went back to the stands and settled in to watch the Freshman game, I mean Sam cheer when she reminded me that I left the drink at home.  I left to get the drink.  While I was gone I lost my great parking spot.  At halftime we got to see the entire Cheer squad take the field and perform a routine.  It was very cool. 

You need the link as I marked the video private, just in case. 
Overall it was a very neat day, just a tiring one.  

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