Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Vacation wisdom

We have been talking about going to Florida for a couple of years.  Chris has bought into the idea that not taking your kid to Disney is the same a beating them with a stick. 

The Disney marketers are to be commended.

Her R&R gives us the chance to live her dream and take the kids to Florida.  We are going to leave Disney a secret.  We told the kids that we were going to Florida and Sam told me if we are going to Florida then “Please oh please say we aren’t going to Disney!”  I almost laughed my ass off right there.

She is my kid.

I just see a park with lots of people and endless lines.  I am the secluded beach type.  Mai Tai’s and water.  Good stuff.

Jason asked if there were rides like an amusement park.  I said yes and he said “Ok, Disney is fine with me.”  I told him it wasn’t a done deal and there was a lot to do and he just looked at me and said he wanted rides.  Simple is good.

Chris was bummed but was determined to find good stuff in Florida to do.  I felt bad that Chris was so bummed that I figured I would talk to Sam.

She got to sit in the front seat when we took the car to get the dogs.  She talked to me about lots of stuff the whole way there.  (That was the best part of my whole day.)

Sam told me that Disney would be ok but no pink castles.  The number one thing she wants to do in Florida is swim with the Dolphins.    I asked her if she wanted to swim with the crocodiles in the swamp and she thought about it for a second and then said no she didn't want to get eaten.  So Dolphins yes, crocs no.
Those kids make me giggle.

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