Tuesday, November 1, 2011


We set up for Halloween and the arrival of my in laws for the weekend.  Although it was hard to tell we cleaned the house.  Both dogs shed something like 12 pounds of hair a day.  I have put the vacuum away, turned around and found a hairball the size of a cantaloupe.  I leave the vacuum out now.

Making Sam’s costume was tough.  We needed an outfit, props, and let’s not forget a hairdo.  Oh yeah, she is going as Taylor Swift.  This is not a problem but since she won’t be singing songs from house to house we have to identify her somehow.  We decide to put the name on a guitar.  Sam and I went back and forth as to real or not.  We went with not and made one out of foamboard, a stick and a strap.  Sam painted the guitar and we printed the name and glued it to the front of the guitar.

In the end she looked good.  Jason was easy.  A zombie.  An 11 year old boy dressed as a zombie.  (Most of his normal clothes make him look like a zombie)  I found a great costume at costco for him.  It had pieces of foam that looked like bones and guts.  I picked up some spray blood and with a little face make up he was golden.  I was a bit liberal with the blood.  I read the directions after he left and it mentioned that it should not be left on the skin as it may stain.  I was really hoping for the may to be correct.  I sprayed him all over.  It looked pretty cool.  I would put up a picture but I didn’t take any.  I was remiss in my photo taking and did not get a picture.  I am hoping someone got one so I can get out of the dog house.

There is hair in there too.

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