Monday, December 19, 2011


Forgive my absence.  We really haven’t done much.  My house looks like a cardboard box factory.  Chris ordered many of our gifts from Amazon or other online retailers so I have many boxes all over.

This is the kids last week before winter break.  It is the same break that we used to call Christmas break before the PC freaks got a hold of it.  I am going to leave them at the YMCA for the weeks they have off.  I will take Fridays off to give the kids a break, and save me a buck or two.  Plus it gives me more time to spend slow leaking a bathroom remodel.  I am currently into the drywall mudding stage.  I am not really proficient at it so it is slow going.  I am also repairing the crude job I did when we removed the laundry chute.  It has always looked bad and now it should look slightly less bad.  Getting the walls smooth is not as easy as it should be.  I found a lot of spots that I gouged the walls or the screw gun jumped off the screw.  I am on my third coat of mud and I have gone through two sanding and washing of the walls.  Sanding is fun.  I have on goggles and a dust mask.  I look pretty silly but the dust is mostly contained in the bathroom so clean up has not been bad.

I need to prime and paint before tiles go up.  I don’t want to take a chance at getting paint on the tiles and if I get paint on the floor, who cares!  I will be tiling over it anyway.

I need to start wrapping now so I don’t end up running to CVS the night before Christmas the night looking for tape.

I have enough trouble figuring out Christmas Eve and Day.

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