Sunday, December 25, 2011


Christmas morning!

Lots of lights, very tired.  Many kids, still only count two, sounds like more.

Yeah, I need coffee.

Lots of coffee.

A little better.


More coffee.  Write down gifts for thank you notes.  Try to read list.  Lots of luck.  Why do I feel hung-over when I didn’t drink.  More coffee, starting to wake up. 

Heat breakfast; feed young ‘uns, yep just two of ‘em.

Ok, on to the good stuff. 

Present opening went well.  I made a list and the kids and I should be able to decipher enough of it to write thank you’s.  I still got the coolest gift.  I got a drill.  Good thing as my old one caught on fire.  I tried to mix mortar with it.  Small flames shot out of the side and it stopped working.  (In my defense it was 20 plus years old and the cord was frayed in the case.)  Either way I was going to go pick up a new one soon.  Now I do not have to.  I am sure the kids think their stuff is great too but no, mine is better.

Roger’s house was fun.  Rog and Shaun had a cook off.  Whose roast was better?  Roger’s from the Crockpot or Shawn’s from the oven.  We were supposed to choose.  Not a chance.  We all agreed that they were both very good and thank you for making dinner.  The only odd part was that I broke tradition.  Since 1999 in Phoenix we have had Chinese food on Christmas day.  This is the first year we didn’t.  Well I didn’t.  Christine may have.  I am guessing the chow hall has a myriad of items to choose from.

Except for Chris being in Afghanistan it was a good day.

Our Stockings

It was early but I got the timer to work.

My kids.

The dogs got presents too!

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