Saturday, December 24, 2011

Twas the night before...

So on Friday I had the day off.  I did last minute grocery shopping.  I needed to make sure we had cookie ingredients and food so I could stay home over the weekend. 

I spent Friday afternoon painting the bathroom.  I got my first coat of primer on.  Covered the tub with plastic and taped the edged so I didn’t get paint on the tub.  So far so good.  I got a half gallon of paint on and I can still see green.  I will get a second coat on Saturday.

I made ham for dinner and even made creamy eggs for Christmas morning.  Jason told me he doesn’t like ham.  He doesn’t like bacon either.  I may need a paternity test.  The kids are very excited about the next day’s festivities.  We are even supposed to head out to Uncle roger’s at 4 for dinner.

Even my dogs like ham.  Jason could be an alien.

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