Tuesday, February 14, 2012


The dogs were getting pretty ripe.  On top of that they need their nails cut.  That was a fun day.

I took Abby and Candy to PetSmart for nail trimmings.  Candy is fine with it.  Abby needs a muzzle.  She tried to bite a lady at PetSmart so I warn them ahead of time.  Even with the muzzle she makes it very tough on the poor girls that are doing the trimming.  This time I had them ground as opposed to cut.  It was a buck more but they are shorter and smoother.  After their nails were done it was off to Shampooch!

Shampooch is a self serve wash your dog place.  It sounds goofy but it is so much easier than the tub.  (not just because I do not yet have a working tub)  They supply everything.  They even have high speed blow dryers.  The Tubs are standing height with a small leash to keep the dog in the tub.  There is a sprayer on a long hose in the tub so it is much easier than being hunched over a normal bathtub.  This was a handy thing since it was below freezing that day.  Again Candy seemed ok with it, Abby not so much.  Not sure why but Abby is afraid of being cleaned.  She tries to bunch up in the corner and you are constantly moving her back to the middle to wash, rinse and repeat.  In the end it was worth it as they now smelled like clean wet dogs.

My life is very exciting.

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