Monday, February 20, 2012


I took Friday off in an attempt to get some things done that I just couldn’t seem to get to.  I went to Home Depot to pick up paint and supplies to get working on the bathroom.  I am in line when I get a call from Jason’s school.  He is calling to let me know he fell in gym and he hurt his arm.  The school wanted me to come get him.  This was at 11:30 in the morning.  3 hours into my get stuff done day and I am heading to the school.  When I got there Jason was holding his arm.  I asked him what happened and he told me he tried to get the ball in basketball.  The other kid moved and Jason went to the ground.  The gym teacher thought he may have broken it.  I told him to rub some dirt on it and go back to class.  For a second I thought he was going to.  I told him I would sign him out for the day.  
Off to the hospital we go.  The ER ended up splinting him with a follow up with the Orthopedist.  They couldn’t be sure he didn’t break anything.  Yeah me.  It didn’t stop him from running around all weekend though.

On Monday we saw the Orthopedist who confirmed no break happened but a couple of more days with the splint couldn’t hurt.

On the up side I got the bathroom and hall painted.  Looks good too.

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  1. This stuff always happens with us too Mike. I take the day and WHAM Ian has a migrain. Incidentally, note the dumpster in our driveway. We are finally repairing the damage from the flood. All the building materials went in the first dumpster. Second, for the "Shit we don't need and shouldn't store in the new basement" dumpster (Christine would be proud of me). But, if you need to trash something big, here's your chance. It's 1/2 full and we will be using about another 25% so there is room for something you need to ditch if you want to ditch it. Just thought I would offer.