Monday, March 26, 2012

Work stuff

So in the continuing saga of a giant work remodel, we shut off power to the building on Saturday.  Not just a little power or sections of the building but all of it.  It was scheduled to be off for 10 hours.
I came in at 5 in the morning to power down my equipment so the power spikes as it came on wouldn’t ruin it.  Detroit Power and Light already puts out crappy power so the last thing I needed was spikes taking out my servers.  The switchboard folks had to stay there.

Nothing like a high rise with limited power (Elevator and emergency lights), no AC, and a phone system powered by back up batteries to entertain a person.  I received a call around 9 am saying power was back.  This seemed fishy so after a couple of other calls I discovered it was partial power.  Around 5 pm I received official notification that power was back on.  It took 45 minutes to properly shut everything down.  I spent 3 hours trying to coax my servers back to life.  I was not a happy camper. 

In the end all is well.  I just hope it doesn’t need to happen again.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Holy cow.  I didn’t think one person could be so busy at work.

I probably shouldn’t say that for fear my boss might read this but hey, it’s true.  We moved the folks from one floor to another temporally while we are undergoing renovations.  We were able to do it with a minimum of down time and no disruption to any of our services.  We spent months prepping for this but it paid off.  I spent a weekend at work getting all the phone extensions punched down to the new floor.  I brought Sam with me and she absolutely loved it.  She was my funny little helper.  She also did crafts, drew pictures, played on the internet, read a little, and played on Chris’ phone.  When we went to the new floor I need to install lots of patch cords.  They were individually wrapped.  Since I had to open lots of bags Sam gave me a hand.  She sat on the floor and opened all the cords and took off all the twist-ties.  She would hand them to me and I would install them.  It was perfect.  I finished that part of it quicker since I was able to dodge those pesky child labor laws.

I thought Monday would bring one or two items of interest, not a whole freakin’ day!  I ended up hiding on Tuesday just to catch up on everything else. 

I couldn’t believe I was happy for an admin day.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

How sad am I?

So I am walking through Costco to do some quick shopping when before my eyes sits the throne I wanted for the kids bathroom!  I kept passing it by thinking I would get it when the time was closer that I would actually install it.  I seized the day and picked it up!

No going back now.  Sam liked it so I have one vote of confidence.

I tried to vacuum the living room and wasn’t having any luck.  I took the vacuum apart and removed as much dog hair as I could.  It turns out Pine needles and dog hair is fatal to a vacuum.  (Or so I thought.)  I could not get it to start.  I tried different plugs and even took it back apart but to no avail.  So I went to Target and picked up a new vacuum.  Jason who was reading and oblivious to my rantings while working on the vacuum, asked me what was wrong with the old one.  I plugged it in and told him it didn’t work.  Then I turned it on to show him it didn’t work and the damn thing roared to life.  Now I have a new vacuum for upstairs and I will use the other one in the basement and finally let the old one die.  It wants to, I just wouldn’t let it.

This is excitement for me.

Sunday, March 11, 2012


Tile work Sucks.

Saturday morning I went to Home Depot and rented a tile cutter.  I wanted to get the tile in the bathroom done.  That ended up being a bigger headache then I thought.  I should start by saying I have no idea what I am doing.  I have seen tile work done on the home shows.  That is the extent of my training and familiarity with tile work.  I knew enough from reading to understand I would need time and patience.  Neither of which I am very blessed with.  Halfway through the wall I realized the tile cutter wasn’t going to cut it.  It had an arm that would not let me use the guide on 12 x 24 inch tiles.  I ended up buying a wet saw that looked more like a table saw.  I should have done that from the beginning.  Cutting tile to fit around the window was a special trip into hell.  A simple “L” shape shouldn’t be that hard.  It is with Porcelain tile.  I should also point out that Saturday might have hit a high of 40 degrees.  It was also windy.  As I worked the various angles trying to fit around my rental saw I slowly realized my hands were numb. 
See the window - not fun.

Good times.

With the new saw I was able to move quicker.  I ended up stopping for the night when I couldn’t see anymore.  Dark + diamond blade = bloody stumps for fingers.

Had to stop here.  No more light.


I had to go grocery shopping and run a couple of errands to keep things moving in the right direction at home.  I was looking at a one-piece, dual-flush toilet at Costco.  I didn’t buy it right away as it had been there for awhile.  So I thought I would pick it up today.  Of course it wasn’t there and I can’t find it online. 

This ate a couple of hours off of work time.  Plus I had to stop to run Jason to his friend’s house at 2pm so they could work on a school project.  Luckily they dropped him off later.  Today was almost 70 degrees.  No more hyperthermia and frostbitten fingers!  I only got the second wall done.  I have the wall with the showerhead and faucet left.  I am dreading cutting holes in the pieces of tile.  I am guessing that will not be easy.  I also ran out of adhesive.   Instead of mixing the thin-set, the kind folks at Home Depot recommended a premixed adhesive.  This stuff was ultra sticky which helped with sag.  Plus it dries waterproof.  I picked up two gallons thinking that would do it.  I didn’t think I would use the economical 3 gallon bucket.  I am out and will be buying my third gallon.

That little bit of wall was 6 hours in the making.

Go me!

When we redo the basement I see solid surface in our future.

Friday, March 9, 2012


Upkeep on this blog is more difficult than I initially thought.  It has been a rough couple of weeks at work and I have not been in much of a writing frame of mind.  It would be fun to tell you all what I was doing but then as the old clich├ęd phrase goes “If I told you then I’d have to …” Well you know how it goes.

Lindsey took the week off for spring break.  She is off having fun and I am here typing on my blog.  Smart girl.  Not being at work by 6:30 is weird and very unsettling.  I do not like having this much time in the morning. 

The kids are doing well.  Sam’s friends all live in different neighborhoods.  This is problematic when I am trying to get a bathroom installed.  I find myself running errands or kids instead of working on the bathroom.  That and the tile work has me a bit worried.

Jason is working on class projects with friends.  They have to get together to get it done.  More driving.  He is so funny there is a girl in his group and they have been chatting on the phone about it.  Not sure if I should start picking on him now about it or wait until Jr. High.  There will be picking on.  Do not feel bad, this is the way of the world. 

I must find the naked baby pictures.