Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Holy cow.  I didn’t think one person could be so busy at work.

I probably shouldn’t say that for fear my boss might read this but hey, it’s true.  We moved the folks from one floor to another temporally while we are undergoing renovations.  We were able to do it with a minimum of down time and no disruption to any of our services.  We spent months prepping for this but it paid off.  I spent a weekend at work getting all the phone extensions punched down to the new floor.  I brought Sam with me and she absolutely loved it.  She was my funny little helper.  She also did crafts, drew pictures, played on the internet, read a little, and played on Chris’ phone.  When we went to the new floor I need to install lots of patch cords.  They were individually wrapped.  Since I had to open lots of bags Sam gave me a hand.  She sat on the floor and opened all the cords and took off all the twist-ties.  She would hand them to me and I would install them.  It was perfect.  I finished that part of it quicker since I was able to dodge those pesky child labor laws.

I thought Monday would bring one or two items of interest, not a whole freakin’ day!  I ended up hiding on Tuesday just to catch up on everything else. 

I couldn’t believe I was happy for an admin day.

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