Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I took Wednesday off since we had a Union day or something at school.  The kids had off and I didn’t feel like going in for a half day.  Since I had a rare day off Chris decided to have me meet two concrete guys and get a quote to replace the driveway and do some other work.

The driveway quotes were uneventful but eye opening.  Cement is not cheap.  We need it done but maybe we will budget it in for the future.

Of course Jason has baseball practice the night I have the yearly cheer meeting.  Luckily he was practicing near the house so I could run over to the meeting and still beat him home.  The meeting was almost the same as last year.  I just found out that cheer camp is during the day when we are working.  Evidently it was coordinated by house-fraus forgot that folks work.  Oh well, we will see what can be done *sigh*.

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