Monday, November 1, 2010

The Experiment Begins...

My wife Christine is being deployed to Afghanistan for 6 months. 

She volunteered to go.  (

This is my story.

This comes as no surprise since we both love to travel and the experience is one that does not come around to often.  When she mentioned that the Army Corps was looking for assistance in Afghanistan I just asked her when she was leaving.  There was no real discussion as I would have done the same thing and I couldn’t stop her from experiencing this first hand.

When Christine told me about her idea to blog about the experience I thought that would be a neat idea.  I decided to counter her blog.  I am a pretty involved Dad (at least I think so) so I am not worried about being alone with the kids.  I never thought of taking care of my kids as “babysitting” so this is not an issue for me.  I knew there would be logistical challenges, i.e. who cares for them while I am at work?  What if I get called into work?  We have a couple of these worked out and the rest will follow.  I am too laid back to stress out about it now.  (I will freak later.)

I had to learn our household bill arrangement.  Christine is the money person.  Now I am.  Scary, very scary.  As I learn it becomes less scary but I will never be totally comfortable with the financial side of things.

I know she will miss the kids but we will keep in touch.  Skype video chat is available as well as being able to call.  This blog thing might help with the distance as well.  If the kids don’t feel left out the will be better adjusted.  We have worked hard to raise independent, self confident and well adjusted kids.  I say two out of three ain’t bad!   They are good kids and are able to understand that Mom is only gone for a bit and that she will be back.

Christine will be surrounded by 30,000 people, many of them armed.  Danger is not my main concern.  Her feeling lonely or missing the kids ranks higher. 

I am jealous and wish I could go too!

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  1. Mike, I will see if I can make a trip to Michigan so we can party at the house while the wife is away.

    We can Skype Christine and let her join the party, but we will set the computer up in a room that she can not see the mess were making of the house.

    Yahoo, now you can throw your clothes on the floor, let the washing back up and allow the dinner dishes to sit until tomorrow. On the other hand take my recommendation and hire a house cleaner, eat a McDonalds every night and set the TV for ESPN. Let the kids play computer games they can get hooked for hours.

    Oh and look for a local high school student to help the kids with their homework. This will allow for you to get in Monday night football.

    I will continue to provide my input to your Blog so you can make the best of the time while Christine is away.

    What's important now is to do all the things you can't do when the wife is home. I wonder? any way we can send Gail with Christine so I can start drinking a twelve pack of Budweiser every night after work.

    Great Uncle Steve