Monday, December 27, 2010


Well, Christmas has come and gone and we all survived.  The kids had a great time having Christmas Eve dinner with Uncle Roger, Mom & Dad Weisenberger and Chris’ Mom & Dad.  Christine’s Mom & Dad came up for the weekend and the kids had a fun time visiting with them.  They were excited and sometimes seem to steamroll the grandparents.  Jason helped Grandpa chip ice off of the driveway.  Sam and Grandma sewed a blanket and some curtains.  Sam told me over and over how cool it was going to be to have Grandma teach her to sew.

One of our gifts was the X-box kinect.  I wish I had pictures of Chris’s parents jumping up and down in front of the TV trying to guide a virtual raft down a river.  On Sunday after her folks left the kids were begging to have the tree taken down so the area to play kinect was larger.  So the inside of our house was de-Christmased.  I was able to let my inner scrooge come out and play as we put all of the inside stuff away.

Abby took to my in-laws faster than I thought.  She played with them and followed my mother-in-law around wherever she went.  I think bribing her with T-bone bones worked. 

The kids were able to video chat on Christmas Eve and talk on the phone to Chris on Christmas day.  That did wonders for the kids.  They even walked away from the video chat as we chatted with Chris about her new surroundings.  I think the holiday went well overall.

Now for the laundry….

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