Friday, February 18, 2011

Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts

Sorry about not getting to this quicker.

Tuesday night we had our annual Blue and Gold ceremony for the Cub Scouts.  This is where the older boys “graduate” to Boy Scouts.  Since we only had two kids crossing over it was a small affair.  The event was well run, and my favorite, short.  It was simple, quick and moved well.  We got Zeemo the Yo-yo guy for entertainment.  He was quite funny.  He got the kids involved and they sat and watched with great manners.

The Arrow of light Ceremony went well with some funny moments.  There is an arrow with 7 candles.  As the leader read what each of the rays meant, the kids were supposed to light the candle. 

We used a childproof lighter. 

It worked. 

Both of them had problems lighting candles and it was pretty funny.  The crossover went well.  The Scoutmaster from Jason’s new troop handed him his new neckerchief, slide, and red Boy Scout epaulets.

Jason was also presented with a wooden display case for his Arrow of light award.  He can take this award with him into     Boy Scouts.

Jason’s first Boy Scout meeting is the 28th.  

I get to write more checks.  

Yea!  I think he will have fun though.

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