Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Day After.

So late last night I was informed that work would be closed on Wednesday.  Good.  School had been preemptively cancelled so this saved me a day of leave.  When I crawled out of bed I was confronted with about 8 inches of snow and my two kids out in the middle of the driveway.  They were putting snow in the wheelbarrow so they could make snowballs for a snowball fight.  Since I had not yet snow-blowed the driveway they were making my job harder.  Oh well, at least they were getting along.  I went out and snow-blowed the driveway and then went and cleared the neighbors drive.  There are three of us with the same size snow blower and one with a four wheeler that has a plow.  We take care of the folks around us and most of us in a 7 or 8 house area were cleared out in an hour or so.  I came in and Jason was trying to get his soaking wet jeans off.  He has lost his snow pants, so jeans in knee deep snow don’t work so well.  I went in the basement and found our old military uniform box.  I gave him Chris’s old gore-tex pants to wear and although a little big they did the trick.  Off he went with dry clothes and they have been out there all morning.  

Not the largest storm we’ve had but still a pretty good one.

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