Monday, February 7, 2011

Long Weekend

Jason is third from the right
Last weekend Jason and I went to our last Cub Scout winter camp.  As per usual we had a blast.  They do a great job with the programs.  I took Chris’s Droid along to play with.  I was an app downloading fool.  I had a lot of fun with it and learned quite a bit about re-loading apps that crashed, sorting and searching apps, and along the way figured out how to launch a two liter bottle across a parking lot with water.  Good stuff. 

At what point did meteorology become a science?  An old lady with a crystal ball is about as accurate.  “Flurries” do not equal 6” of snowfall.  “Slight possibility of snow”, does not equal 6” of snowfall.  Snow storm equals 6” of snow.  I think all meteorologists should be fired.  They should just show us a radar picture and we can guess.  I think it would be a hell of a lot more accurate, but I digress.
Mike careening out of control!
Jason making a great run.
GPS Rangers.  Jason is middle-left
The sled run was great with all of the flurries accumulation on the ramp.  Most of the kids jumped right on as well as a couple of us adults.  Big problem as I see it was the climb back to the top.  The kids learned how to use GPS to navigate from point to point, how to build a water rocket, and played capture the flag in a foot of snow.  It was Awesome for tiring out a group of kids.
Water rocket instruction.

When I came home I expected to find my driveway full of snow.  I was prepared to spend an hour or so snow blowing and shoveling.  My neighbor dug me out since he knew I was out of town.  I was impressed and very appreciative as I was still worn out from lack of sleep and lots of cool activities.  That night he invited us over to the annual Super Bowl party.  Lots of fun and I got to hold three different babies.  Love babies, less fun when they can move and demand money for the littlest chore.  It was a good night and a great weekend overall.  I see an early night coming for us.
No fire is too hot for SMORES!

 That is a real forecast, not some made up chicken bones, dart at a map pipe dream from a meteorologist.

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