Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sick Days

Jason has some sort of walking crud.  This has kept him home for the past couple of days.  This has of course kept me home as well.  Since my wife is in the garden spot of Afghanistan we can’t even split the days.  Since I am at home stuff at work has just exploded.  I had to talk someone else through my job for an emergency situation.  I miss my emergency situations.  The doctor thinks he has an algery thing going on in his nose.  His ears, throat, and lungs were good but the cough and stuffy nose were not.  I got a shopping list for some meds and I headed off to Target.  I was unaware that Claritin was made of rare earth minerals.  10 little tablets are priced close to a modern fighter jet.  Oh well, anything for the kids.

I could not make it as a stay at home dad.  Not that the housework is all that bad it is the lack of other adults.  I hate SpongeBob and I am not a big fan of soaps so the day is kinda shot.  I ran out of laundry to do and you can only pay bills once.  I did make rival factions vying for control of Post-apocalyptic Africa pay with their lives for awhile.   That was cool.
Every time I come down to the office at night I have a little tag-a-long.  It is my cute little girl.  She jumps on the computer and starts asking me non-stop questions.  I showed her Google and all the wonderful answers it has.  Now I get bombarded with "How do you spell…"

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