Sunday, February 13, 2011

Time for School!

Oh dear god, Thank goodness it’s (almost) Monday!  TGIM!  I need adults around me and my son needs to go to school.  I love him very much but that is too much energy to keep inside for 5 days.  He is not 100% but close enough.  I just hope that Sam stayed away long enough not to get it.  With them both cooped up they started diving at each other’s throats.  They will sit and play for hours and then Bam!  Someone said something or touched that or looked at them the wrong way and fireworks start flyin’.  Their good kids and I believe the right amount of school and recess will do them a world of good.  After school for the next couple of days is going to be hectic.  Brownies on Monday, Gymnastics and Cub Scouts on Tuesday.  

Whoo Hoo! 

It was so nice today that for awhile I opened the front door and back door to air out the house.  

Fresh Air!  I miss it.

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