Monday, February 28, 2011

Well I survived another weekend.

Jason went to Uncle Roger’s house and Sam had a birthday party.  I would like to say it was a productive couple of hours but that would be a lie.  I went home, put the dog out, cleaned up the dog toys, threw away whatever Abby was just chewing on, and finished exterminating rival factions in war torn Africa.  The last bit is where the productivity tended to lapse.  Oh well, that is what Sundays are for.  Sam enjoyed the party and was sad to leave.  She missed out on her turn to sing and that is what she loves to do.  She will be a future karaoke queen. 

Jason came home exhausted as per usual.  They were showered, made lunches, and in bed by 8.  A good night’s sleep will do them a world of good.

Christine has been doing what she is extremely capable of, planning and scheduling.  She looked up, set up, and booked our flights and cruise.  Her R&R will be very cool for the whole family.  Now I just need to remember to do all the stuff here that Chris normally does.  She is the Logistics person.  I am the mule.  Now I have to do both and I am sure something will be missed.  I looked up Airport Taxi’s and I believe that will be a better choice for us.  The cost is less than parking and the convenience is unbeatable.  I have a control thing about not having my car there but I may be a bit tired on the return leg.

Since torturing our kids has become somewhat of a sport for me, I will not tell the kids where we are going.  They are only allowed clues; Not in the U.S. and Closer to Mom than Dad (Geographically).  It is fun watching them in front of a world map trying to figure out where they might be going.  We will give them clues as we go and let them know before we leave so they can tell their friends.

Tonight is Jason’s first real Boy Scout meeting.  He gets to meet and I get to write a big fat check.  The nice part is that as we go along I can drop him off and not have to hang around each time.  I will at first just so he is comfortable with the set up and then – FREEDOM!  It shouldn’t be too hard not to get sucked in for a little while.  As we go along I may end up volunteering.  I like the idea of being able to enjoy it with Jason as opposed to being the leader and having to split my time.

I will try and have pictures next time.

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