Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Winter Break

I took Jason and Sam to High Velocity Sports for their winter break drop in.  They loved it and were mad I came to get them.  I had intended to go to work while they tested the facility.  I left my backpack at home so I didn't have my badge or keys.  So I went home and enjoyed a few hours of kid free time.  I cleaned up a little, surfed the web, ate lunch. All in all a good afternoon was had by all.  I believe they will do this during spring break in April as well. 

I am now at the Rec Center pool with Jason waiting for Sam to finish up with Gymnastics.  She is going to go swimming for a bit tonight as well.  When we get home I need to cook quickly so they can get lunches and showers in as well. 

We saw Gnomeo and Juliet yesterday.  Snow days are an awesome time to see movies.  The snow scares folks so they don't go anywhere.  I did, of course, have folks who sat directly in front of us.  A whole theater and they sit right in front of us.  Oh well.  The movie was so-so.  It definitely did not need the theater to bring it to life.  The kids enjoyed the movie and it had a lot of Shakespeare references which was funny for me. 

Ha ha, Jason just asked what was for dinner.  Both kids assured me it would be ok to eat dinner after we got home.  I don't think it is a good idea to have dinner and then do Gymnastics. 

Off to get Sam.  Should be an interesting evening.

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