Friday, March 11, 2011

More snow

So it snowed again last night.  I hate snow.  Today is one of those days where I search for jobs in the South and Southwest during lunch.  One of these days I will get lucky.  We may get a couple of inches more before it ends.  I know I am whining on the day when Japan gets hammered with a magnitude 8.9 earthquake.  Weather is relative.  

This radar picture is getting old.  
Although it has passed you can see the front end of this that we just endured.

The kids were hoping for a snow day.  I have a meeting this morning so I really wanted to come to work.  Lucky me.  I felt bad for the Semi truck driver that jack knifed on the freeway this morning.  When I was able to make my way past the wreck the cab and trailer were smashed up quite a bit.  Too cold for waiting on the side of the road with a mashed up rig.

I guess I am done whining.  Today is picture day for Jason.  I am hoping he fixes his hair.  He had a wicked case of bed head this morning.  I told him a couple of time to wet his hair and fix it.  He was up before I left for some strange reason.  I will post the photo when I get it.

Off to meeting land!

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