Saturday, March 19, 2011

So my wonderful wife takes a trip...

So my wonderful wife takes a trip.  She gets to leave the camp and go off on a “Mission Critical” junket to Kajaki Dam.  If you Google the place there are some incredible photos.  It reminded us of Lake Pleasant in Phoenix.  Evidently she took several transports to get out there.  Now I am really jealous.  She got to ride on an Osprey and a Russian Helo.  I wanna ride!  My job is fairly domestic so I don’t see too many overseas trips in my future.  Just to visit her during her R&R. 

I receive an e-mail saying she is back and all is well.  Since I was at the computer when it came in I knew she was at work and gave her a call.  I was all excited to talk to my absent wife.  This is the call where I got the details of her cool trip.  She was telling me that the Marines that provided security were telling her this area was pretty rough.  They stayed at the Marine compound nearby.  This is when she got to rub it in that she got to ride in a bunch of cool planes/helos.  To make it better she took a bunch of pictures.  She told me her goal was to get the pictures up on her Blog.  Ha!  I told her it would be nice to see anything on her Blog since January.  “I’m busy, I don’t have time.”  Excuses, excuses.  I have to babysit two kids, full time!  (He He, inside joke.)  I still make time for the multitudes (3 maybe 4) of fans that follow my blog.  I guess she just doesn’t like you all as much as I do.  I do hope she gets some of the photos up as I really want to see them.  We talked for awhile, made some vacation plans, talked logistics and then I let her go so she could wash up and crash.  I got a call from her 5 minutes later.  She was laughing at my blog.  It amuses her that life is difficult when our sitter has her own life. 

I re-read it and it kind of is funny when it is over.  I guess this just proves the, Someday-you-will-look-back-on-this-and-laugh, crap that folks sometimes say.

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