Sunday, March 13, 2011


The trip to see Chris will eventually kill us all.  She is stressed out since she has not scheduled every last minute and has no map.  I was doing fine until I went shopping for luggage and shoes.  Sam needed a new bathing suit.  She told me, “Mom says two-piece.”  Dad says one piece with a headscarf!  So we looked at two-piece suits.  That wasn’t too stressful!  Then she needs non-dog-chewed flip flops.  So we looked for those.  It is tough to find decent looking ones in her size.  I found ok looking ones, but passed as they were 30 bucks.  I did find a bathing suit.  One piece for me.  I have started to assemble a pile of items for the trip.  This will make me feel better as I move toward dragging two kids across the pond.

I went and picked up Jason from Uncle Roger’s.  On the way home I decided I was tired and didn’t really want to cook.  Connor’s Family restaurant is on the corner and has good food for a low price.  I had brought Abby along for a ride as she had been cooped up most of the day.  At least I felt she had been cooped up.  She loves to ride in the van and is always looking out the window.  As the kids got out of the van at the restaurant, Abby saw her opening and bolted into the parking lot.  We spent the better part of 15 minutes trying to keep her out of the street and back into the van.  Trying to keep the kids from running at her was tough.  She loved every minute of it.  Luckily she did not venture into the street.  She would run just close enough to you so you would continue to chase her.  I think she was tired and just came back to me.  I opened the van door and she hopped right in.  Crisis averted.  When we walked into the restaurant a table of older folks clapped for us.  They had watched Abby running around and were afraid of her running into the street.  Nice folks, we talked to them for a couple of minutes.  I felt bad that we shook them up. 

Dogs and daughters. One of them will be the end of me.

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