Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Another Wednesday survived.  I spent part of the day training folks at work to send out emergency messages.  My impression is that it went well.  They seemed to grasp the program despite my poor training ability.  I was never a good trainer, always a better do-er.  Since Christine has been gone I take her phone, a droid, when I know I will be waiting around.  I can surf the web, play games or just play.  I received a call and the number looked like Christine’s work.  I answered it and received a test message from the Army Corps Emergency notification system.  It sounded exactly like the one I had been training our folks on.  It would be funny if they were the same system.

After I picked Abby up from Lucky Puppy I took her to get her nails cut.  That dog turned chicken as soon as we walked into the grooming area.  She tried to run away and when that didn’t work she cowered under me.  She yelped as each nail was cut, sometimes before the clippers even touched the nail.  When ‘fraidy dog was done we went and grabbed some dog shampoo and headed home.  Ahh, bath time for a dog, such a relaxing time.  She hates the bath and is afraid of the running water.  So after wrestling shampoo on her and rinsing it off, she was all set.  Of course she is now hyper and tearing through the house.  It’s all fun and games until she slides across the kitchen and takes out Sam.  Funny as heck but not ideal for Sam.  Then she decided to tear up the covers on my bed.  She needed to roll around on something.  I pulled her off and she ran in circles for a bit and then calmed down.

Saw the camera and viola! a pose.
Future Computer Nerd!

I told you I would put up pictures this time.  Here they are.  I wish I had some of the actual bath but I only have so many arms.

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