Saturday, March 26, 2011

When in Rome...

After all the trip prep and stress it turned out pretty well. Sam and Jason did well with a 9 hour flight. They watched TV and read the books they brought. Sam is so cute; I told both kids that they would sleep on the plane. She asked me if the stewardess would make an announcement when it was time to go to bed. I explained that I would tell her or she could just go to bed. She passed out 30 minutes later. Jason had a harder time with the concept of sleeping in an airplane seat. He fell asleep reading a couple of hours later. I slept on and off most of the night.

When we arrived in Rome we grabbed our bags and headed out for our adventure. Luckily Chris met us as we walked out of customs. We took a quick train ride to the flat. The view out the window was interesting. The mix of old and new and the graffiti that covered it all was puzzling. To me the graffiti screams "Bad part of town!” Here it just seems to mean blank wall.

More later. Need sleep.

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