Friday, April 15, 2011

First Week Back

I survived the week back at work. I spent four hectic days putting out fires and trying to figure out what needed to be done, what got done and where my work priorities lay. I made it through the hundreds of e-mails I had and was able to start to make sense of it all. In between times I have been answering questions and telling people how cool the cruise was. Chris has more stuff on her blog so I will direct you there for the details.

I am trying to keep it together and make life as normal as possible for the kids so Jason went to Boy Scouts on Monday, Sam went to gymnastics on Tuesday, Abby went to lucky Puppy on Wednesday and I got to collapse on Thursday. I love the crock pot.

I think the dog is insecure. She hasn’t left my side since we came back. She is happy to see everyone when they come home but she drops in front of me so I can pet her for a couple of minutes. Cute, but a bit much for me.

I got the kids report cards and they are both doing fantastic. I was really pleased to see the marks they both were able to get. I hope they can keep it up as they get older. Next week is Spring Break for our kids. Not bad for them, two weeks in the Med, one week at school, one week off and then 8 weeks and the summer break hits! Next week they will spend time at High Velocity Sports. They have a drop in program that the kids like. We tried it once before and they really enjoyed it.

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