Friday, April 22, 2011

I am a lazy blogger

Sorry, I am a lazy blogger. There hasn’t been a lot of good stuff to inform ya’ll on. Chris is up to Rhodes as far as or trip went. Check it out; there are some cool photos there. (

Work has been hectic since I got back. I have lots of projects and catch up work to keep me moving. I have caught up pretty well but the projects are keeping me busy.

I think I traumatized the dog. At first Abby wouldn’t leave me alone. I figured after a few days she would be back to her old run around and bark at everything self. I can’t go anywhere without her attached to me. I thought two weeks at Lucky Puppy and she would be in heaven. I was wrong. She will jump on the bed and lay on me or right next to me. I had to get up, pick her up and move her so I could roll over. Christine will have to re-establish her place in the pack when she returns.

I need to find a new drop in place for the kids. High Velocity Sports works really well for a couple of days but they are over it. Jason likes it way more than Sam. She isn’t really the soccer player. I need a craft and coloring daycare for her. She wanted me to take her to work with me. She could probably work as well as some of the folks I work with.

Man, this babysitting thing is tough! J

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