Saturday, April 30, 2011

It Figures

So after a week of total craziness I finally get a chance to sit. I started out just trying to keep up with Jason’s baseball practice. It was rained out a couple of times and the reschedule interfered with Jason visiting his cousin. On Tuesday the coach’s wife called me at work to let me know she could not get Sam at school (we swap kid duty in the morning and afternoon.) As it turns out the coach needed an emergency appendectomy. This threw another wrench into the practice schedule. (Yes he is doing fine, yes I did ask about him first before I asked about practice.) Wednesday wasn’t too bad and the kids were able to get some time in outside in the sun. Jason’s assistant coaches set up a practice for Thursday afternoon. Cool, I can do that. As I left work my right rear tire went flat as I entered the freeway. More fun. I was able to pull over on a not to hazardous portion of the freeway. My hats off to the monkey that gorillaed the lug nuts on with an air hammer. I bent the lug tool that comes with the van. I, however, did not lose to the lug nuts. 30 minutes later and I was speeding home. Ok not speeding as I had a doughnut tire that was crimping my style. I knew that the spare would only get me so far. I got home and Sam’s friend came over. Lucky for me she went to her friend’s house while I went to Belle Tire and put two new tires on the van. I was panicking the whole time hoping to get home before Jason had to be to his first practice. I wanted to meet the assistant coaches, sign paperwork etc. As it turned out I made it with 20 minutes to spare. Yeah me!

I hear practice was a good one.

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