Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sam's Birthday dinner

Samantha told me she wanted to eat at Sizzle Sticks since that is where the babysitter, Sarah, works. Nice little place in Northville. It is a Mongolian Style BBQ place. This is a great place for experimenting with different combinations or just following a recipe. My two kids are not real adventurous eaters. Sam had a cheese Quesada. Sarah could not talk her into adding chicken or shrimp. Sarah talked Jason into trying one of the printed recipes and putting it into a flour tortilla, like a soft taco. He loved it. I saw him add red pepper! He ate something that wasn’t a hot dog or nuggets! Sarah even picked Sam up a piece of cheesecake for her birthday. It was a neat place and worth checking out again. Sarah sat with us for a large part of the dinner and it was neat to talk with her as we ate. Maybe I can add to the kids culinary palate.

I keep telling them that nuggets aren’t food, just rocks.

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