Sunday, May 1, 2011

Baseball Season

Today turned out pretty good. It started out fairly crappy. It has been a rainy drizzly mess for a week now and I am kinda over it. I know we need the rain, lake levels and all. Never-the-less, I am looking forward to some warmer days.

At the uniform sizing yesterday the kids went to the library since we were there. Jason got books about Spartacus, Sam got a fun book, and I even found a book that I can read in my spare time. (He He) Jason uttered the phrase “I love reading.” I almost wrecked the van. He read until we got home and then a little bit there.

Today was a Scrimmage game to help teach the umps. Jason got the first run. I was very proud of the team and how well they did. Jason’s second at bat was confusing for everyone. The head ump was at the mound. The kid behind home missed a strike call. The Head guy called time and corrected the ump. Jason hadn’t meant to swing. He was getting out of the way of a bad pitch. He turned and the bat crossed the plate. He swung. Jay was so off put by the stopping that he didn’t get back into it and struck out. He did well the rest of the game. The coach used this as a teaching moment.

It was funny to see the kids light up as they suddenly understood why they were out so fast.

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