Monday, September 12, 2011

Chris Re-deploys

So for many people September 11th was a day to remember, a day to mark a tragic anniversary, or a day to thank a fireman/policeman/vet.  For the Weisenberger’s it was a day to rush to baseball with an overlapping football game, a quick trip to grab lunch, and a quick run to the airport.

Chris spent the last few days freaking out, helping Sam with her family day project, working on the Randolph directory, shopping for the kids’ school clothes and some laundry.  She wasn’t packing.  She packed tiny bits at a time.  Friday she was able to get a box together to send to herself.  This alleviated a lot of the crap that she would have had to put in a suitcase.  Saturday night the bulk of the packing chore came on full.  I don’t blame her for procrastinating.  I am not a packing fan myself.  I always feel like I am going to forget something.

Chris was able to take a later flight so she could run around with us in the morning and see the kids’ games.  We dropped her off around 3:20 for a 5:20 flight.  She told me The check in desk was empty and security was not a hassle so she was at the gate reading.

Back to “Bachelorhood”

The kids’ jersey numbers ended up like this by total accident.  This was not staged.
Jason is in the middle

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