Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Vacation - Day 1

Chris decided we needed to go camping.  So with bathroom remodel money in hand, we went camping.  We headed to Hickory Run State park in Pennsylvania.  It was about 8 hours away so we planned to leave early Wednesday morning.  Tuesday night as we were packing I went to put the car top carrier on the van.  Since the brackets are in the carrier and the carrier is locked I needed to find the key.  No key.  So I drilled out the rivets holding the lock in place.  Opened the carrier but I now had a new problem.  How am I gonna secure the carrier or hold it shut.  I drilled the lock holes a bit bigger and ran a chain through them, which I can put a regular lock on.  Problem solved.  That only ate up a couple of hours.  Most of our gear fit in the carrier so the interior was roomy enough to fit the dogs and two kids.
We brought books and movies for the kids and we made pretty good time.  Since the campsite had electric hookups we grabbed a box fan from the house.  (Great idea by the way) We arrived in the evening and had the tents setup (almost) before dark.

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