Saturday, October 15, 2011

Away game

This cheer weekend was an away game.  We went to a middle school in Northville.  Michigan is famous for lots of things, Cherries, Kwamie, the murder rate in Detroit and Flint, Automobiles and crazy ass weather.  Last week I had minor sunburn.  Today is windy enough to alter the drive path of the van.  Luck for us we get to sit in aluminum bleachers on the high side of the bowl the field sits in.  This creates a nice swirl effect so the wind is hitting you in the face and the back of the neck at the same time. The bleachers do a great job of wicking the pesky heat away from your body.  I knew it was cool out but the kids had taken the dogs around the block on their bikes and were actually hot when they got home.  I put on my two sweat shirts grabbed a hand warmer and headed out.  

I was woefully underdressed.  

I figured 11 years on the ramp and growing up in Michigan I could tough it out.  I am not tough.  By the end of the game I was hoping for a forfeit so we could leave early.  The cheerleaders didn’t look near as bad as us parents at the end of the game.  “Embrace the suck!” became our rallying cry.  In the end Sam did great, Jason was happy to hang out in the van, he was there to support his sister, and we got to see how much improvement our kids have made.

We got home and both kids wanted to go outside and play.  


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