Monday, October 3, 2011

Baseball Sunday

On Sunday I spent the afternoon at Jason’s last double header of the fall season.  The tough part was that the Lions kickoff was at 1 pm and the Tigers started at 3pm.  I would much rather watch the Lions then the Tigers as I believe major league baseball is as exciting as watching paint dry, but we are in the championships.  I was able to download an NFL app so I could listen to the game.  Jason’s game got underway around 1:30 and the lions were already down 14 – 0.  I did not expect the Lions to win but I wasn’t thinking they would get blown out either.  Jason did really well.  He played as catcher and right field and showed a lot of hustle.  All of a sudden it was a 17 – 3 game for the Lions.  We got a big Woo-Hoo out of me at a completely arbitrary time during Jason’s game.  I had to explain that the Lions scored.  20 – 3 and I turn off the phone to wait for the 3rd quarter.  Jason nails one towards the shortstop and puts runners on 1st and 3rd.  Next kid is a walk.  Sweet, bases loaded.  Next kid pops one up and I look down thinking it is an easy out.  No such thing for kiddie baseball.  Jason is now on third and we are winning.  Next kid gets a hit and makes first, Jason scores, life is good.  Not sure what happened but we were winning 7 – 2 and then the 6th inning, and last inning in kiddie baseball, began.  In the 6th inning there is no mercy rule and our pitcher was tired.  Their wheaties must have kicked in and we lost 14 – 7.  Turned the phone back on to 26 – 10, the Lions and Dallas have scored.  Second game gets underway and all of a sudden we pick a second interception and it is a 27 – 17 game.  The second game for Jason wasn’t going as well as the first.  The long days and our lack of pitching depth was taking its toll.  They play with heart and field pretty well but our pitchers are new and still learning.  30 – 17, damn the Lions are at it again.  Jason was at bat and took a couple of good swings but it was not to be.  30 – 24, again a completely unexpected shout from the guy with the earphone crammed in his head.  Jason gets walked and is looking for another run.  30 – 27, are you kidding me, the Lions are going to make a game out of this yet.  Poor Jason is now down like 14 – 4.  It is hard to even keep score anymore.  Oh no another Romo screw up and the Lions are ahead 30 – 34!  How does this happen!  The Lions pulled off a win at Dallas stadium!  As I jump around in happiness poor jay is losing the second game of the day.  To top it off the Tigers are winning too.  We weren’t allowed to announce any tigers scores as the coach was DVRing the game.  In the end Jason played very well and you could see his improvement from the beginning of spring ball right through the fall ball season. 
Now I just need to hold out until next spring to see his next game.

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