Thursday, October 20, 2011

Lucky Puppy

Every Wednesday we send Abby and Candy to Lucky Puppy Doggie Daycare.  Yes I know it makes me sound like some kind of yuppie idiot.  The dogs love it.  Kevin picks up the dogs at the house and I meet him near Ann Arbor to pick them up.  Lucky Puppy is almost an hour south of us so this arrangement works.

Wednesday s helps us in many ways.  The dogs get exercised by running their butts off.  Abby got over her fear of pools.  (Not over her fear of being bathed though.)  Candy dives in like some goofy Olympic diver.  Both dogs come home tired.  Not just a little tired, BIG tired.  This is the best part.  They both act like puppies and love to greet people.  Being tired just helps them not greet with so much enthusiasm. 

Abby is the daintier of the two dogs.  She requires more comfort than other dogs.

Tired Abby.  Note the use of a pillow.  

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